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sanitation with solutions
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    Protection through validation

    Validating that your facility meets cleanliness and hygiene standards and
    expectations can be challenging – and with the spotlight on health and safety in
    aged care facilities across the country, undertaking regular audits is as important
    as ever.

    As part of our tailored offering, the JayChem Business Improvement Team works
    with you to validate and improve your cleaning and sanitation processes to ensure
    a safer home for all.

    When it comes to maintaining cleanliness, JayChem has your facility covered.

    How much could an ineffective sanitation solution cost your business?

    Issues like discoloured whites and damaged personal
    linen are common in On Premise Laundries across
    Australia, yet its hard to know where to turn for
    effective advice and help.

    If this sounds familiar, there is a better way. At
    JayChem, we deliver tailored, end-to-end solutions
    specifically designed to provide outstanding results,
    allowing you to focus on your core business.

    Are your whites no longer white?

    Is your rewash out of control?

    Is hidden food residue making your 'clean' dishes unsanitary?

    Boost productivity, efficiency and profit

    What could a validated 20-50% increase in laundry productivity do
    for your bottom line?

    JayChem’s on-premise laundry productivity management system,
    JayCloud, combines advanced data analytics with seamless dispensing
    technology, delivering measurable improvements in overall laundry
    efficiency for aged care facilities across Australia.

    Audits that never miss a spot

    When did your facility last undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation audit?

    If your scheduled audits have been postponed or completed to an inadequate
    standard, your facility may be operating below the optimum level and exposing your
    residents to health risks.

    A thorough hygiene audit is essential in identifying gaps in your cleaning and sanitation
    processes, creating a safer home for all.

    At JayChem, we’re proud of our reputation for conducting the best quality, most
    thorough facility hygiene audits in Australia.