JayChem announces appointment of Ian Elliott

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New General Manager pledges to disrupt the market with a uniquely customer-centric approach.

As General Manager of JayChem, Ian will be responsible for rapidly developing Richard Jay’s JayChem division across Australia.

With over 20 years of experience with the global industry leader, Ian is uniquely positioned to bring global product, digital and service innovation to the local market. Being an Australian success story, Richard Jay has a national presence serving the healthcare, hospitality and lodging sectors and an enviable reputation of service excellence and social responsibility. Through this partnership, Richard Jay and JayChem will redefine what service means to the industry.

“At JayChem we seek to deliver
comprehensive solutions and services to promote safe food, clean and healthy environments and operational efficiency for customers in the healthcare, hospitality and lodging sectors. We’re market disruptive and not beholden to ‘how things should be done’. Our customer-centric approach means our customers drive our business direction and success – we’re there to serve their needs”. Ian Elliott – General Manager, JayChem.

To learn more about Ian, head to his LinkedIn profile.

Alternatively, to know more about JayChem and how its unique approach could improve cleaning and sanitation outcomes, save money and enable better business decisions, call 1300 742 427– we’d love to hear from you.