commercial laundry

Take charge of your laundry operations, from anywhere in the world

True partnerships, tailored outcomes

At JayChem we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive end-to-end
solutions, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

We are committed to understanding your business direction, challenges and
operations and will create tailored solutions that align with your objectives.

By fostering partnerships with our clients, we are able to actively collaborate
and provide continuous support and guidance on all aspects of their laundry operations.

Maximising laundry performance

Monitor your laundry operations securely, anywhere in the world!

Access your personalized dashboard to view live wash data, review production
statistics, validate wash temperatures or chemical addition rates, and run costing
reports—all at your fingertips. JayCloud simplifies it all.

Seamlessly integrate precise temperature and flow monitoring through JayCloud,
ensuring pristine, hygienic linen production right from the start. Experience reduced
operational costs and gain a distinct competitive edge.

offers you:

  • Monitor and adjust your laundry from anywhere in the world,
    via any secure device.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring that not only validates
    effective disinfection but also optimises chemical yield.
  • Insight into your entire laundry operation, providing
    evidence-based data to make informed business decisions.
  • A highly accurate and validated method of dispensing,
    ensuring superior wash quality.
  • Detailed insights on loads processed, cost per wash/kg,
    productivity enhancements, and more, empower data-driven

Grow your business using evidence-based data

Through our comprehensive insights, we empower businesses to make more
informed decisions, driving enhanced efficiency and business success.

Our Executive Level reporting offers detailed laundry operation data, including
business improvement reporting, service statement, exception reports and
product usage data.

Our clients are provided with a personalised dashboard, which shows live
production data that they can access from anywhere, anytime.