Our vision

Doing things differently, from the start

The JayChem vision

Improving businesses and making product based solutions.

From day one here at JayChem, we’ve been clear that we want to do things differently. Avoiding
impersonal and silo-ed services, we take the time to truly get to know our customer and their
business, before developing a plan for improvement that looks at their business as a whole.

Not just focused on providing isolated solutions, we broaden the lens and look at the end to end
processes and people that power our clients business. More streamlined and effective, with safety
and consistency ensured at every turn. It’s a disruptive, customer-focused business model that
sets us apart from the rest of the industry – we’re here to do things differently, so your business
can grow and thrive.

community diagram

Global outlook, local impact

Considering our effect on both people and planet.

As industry leaders, we’ve long-understood the importance of our impact on the planet, as
well as the community that surrounds us. It’s why we think sustainably at every touchpoint –
whilst we harness global technology and innovation, we operate with a truly local mindset.

Producing our solutions in Australia and harnessing world-leading innovation to minimise
wastage and maximise productivity, we want to improve our planet as we improve our clients’
business operations – one tailored solution at a time.

hands in the shape of heart