Total hand hygiene

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to guarantee hand hygiene

Controlling infection, every day

Purpose-designed products that deliver absolute sanitisation.

With an estimated 80% of all infections being transmitted by hands, the importance of
exemplary hand hygiene in controlling cross infection has never been more important. As the
impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak continue to be felt across the globe, it’s essential that you
are equipping your staff and customers with purpose-built products that achieve lasting
hand sanitisation and protection.

JayChem combines advance chemistry, equipment and online training platforms to enhance
our clients’ ability to protect themselves and their customers throughout Australia.

Dispensing systems

Tailored solutions that work for your business.

JayChem has partnered with leading global manufacturers to supply our clients with
advanced dispensing solutions. Harnessing a uniquely tailored approach, we work with you
to understand which dispensing solutions will best serve your business, before providing
solutions that benefit your staff and customers alike.

  • Tailored dispensing and product solutions that work for you
  • Seamless and efficient integration within your operations
  • Absolute peace of mind for your customers
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A comprehensive approach

Hand hygiene doesn’t start and end at the sink.

As with all our solutions, JayChem promotes a comprehensive approach to our clients’ hand
hygiene programs, including training and tools to develop and positively change staff
behaviour. With up to 95% of people washing their hands inadequately, JayChem offers
innovative ways to further your hand hygiene solutions, including:

  • Product formulations that provide a barrier to reinfection for up to four hours
  • Online training platforms to educate staff on correct hand hygiene techniques
  • Ongoing research and development to ensure you have the latest global
    innovation on your fingertips
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