Putting your patient at the heart of what we do

Delivering the best solutions in healthcare

Helping you focus on patient care.

When lives depend on clean, sanitary environments, you can rely on JayChem as your trusted
partner in cleaning and sanitation products, systems and services. Clean environments don’t
just happen – our tailored approach delivers superior outcomes for your operation, protecting
your staff, patients and their families.

At JayChem, we know every customer faces a unique set of challenges, so we work closely
with you to learn about your business, before delivering the ideal solution for you.

An end-to-end solution for healthcare

Everything you need for excellence in your operation.

As a division of Richard Jay, JayChem offers healthcare customers a highly convenient end-
to-end solution that includes:

  • Personalised cleaning and sanitation chemical programs for cleaner, safer,
    more efficient outcomes
  • Best-in-class laundry and dishwashing equipment
  • Preventative maintenance programs for peace of mind
  • 24/7 parts and emergency service, for when situations arise
  • Dispensing technology that lets staff access the best in cleaning and sanitation
  • A multilingual e-learning hub
healthcare facility

Safety above everything else

Our priority at all times.

We understand the importance of keeping all your health facilities entirely sanitary and safe
at all times. That’s why everything we do – from safe product formulations, spill-proof
packaging, multilingual training platforms and process validation – both meets and exceeds
local standards.

  • QR codes offer quick and easy access to safety data sheets
  • Access to safety information and emergency procedure guides for your facilities
  • Benefit from easily accessible multilingual training for all workers
  • JayChem Business Improvement Team identifying ongoing safety improvements
phone laptop dashboard

Pairing total compliance with unbeatable value

Guaranteeing peace of mind as standard.

In healthcare, we know it’s crucial to ensure compliance at all times. Part of the way we do
that is by using CM2W (Connect Machine to Web) technology to monitor and log critical
control points of your food service and laundry operations. Our dispensing equipment
validates chemical flow for each load – ensuring your wares are not just clean and sanitary
but validated for compliance.

  • precise dosing
    Saving water, energy and chemical costs whilst improving staff productivity
  • full accessibility
    Remote access to custom-made dashboards from anywhere on the planet, including
    your mobile device
system monitoring dashboard