Our Difference

A uniquely tailored, customer-centric solution

Australian-made solutions
for your business

As a division of leading laundry and warewashing supplier Richard Jay,
JayChem is a proudly Australian company that offers the most effective and
efficient end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Prioritising sustainability, we use a local supply chain – letting us consistently
deliver the very best in global innovation whilst supporting Australian

family owned business

Always customer focused

Our unique model offers a tailored process of continuous business improvement.

Innate understanding

We fully understand
your business

It all starts with learning about you and your customers. Only when we truly
understand your business needs can we deliver world-leading results that
optimise processes and efficiencies at every stage – saving you time and
money, and delivering the best possible outcomes to your customers.

Our dedicated Business Improvement Team does just that – deep-diving
into every area of your business to continually find ways it can be better.
From empowering your staff and streamlining your processes, to giving you
the tools and technology you need to do the job, it’s about making every part
of your day-to-day operations the absolute best it can be.

person cleaning kitchen top

Tailored to you

You choose our focus

All JayChem customers are appointed with a Business Improvement Team,
which focus on areas of your business critical to your success. These are
areas you choose, and that align to your organisation’s strategic direction.

At set intervals for the duration of the partnership, your Business
Improvement Team develops a white paper that details exactly what’s
happening, provides detailed analysis and makes expert recommendations
on improvements that you may wish to implement.

Our team can work with you to focus on a wide range of areas, including:

  • Food safety
  • Housekeeping cleaning/sanitation
  • Chemical safety
  • Assets audits (dish washers, laundry machines)
  • Laundry procedures
  • Water and energy improvements
person preparing bedsheets


We optimise your output

We understand that downtime costs money. That’s why we prioritise making
your business work more effectively and efficiently with zero downtime – and
we’ve developed a unique process to guarantee this happens.

Offering dedicated project managers who oversee the roll-out of all
innovation, all actions are documented, scheduled and implemented with
meticulous care. Conducting pre-installation surveys and adhering closely
to both a communications plan and our brand standards, we deliver all
solutions along with ongoing training – meaning standards are upheld long
after installation is complete.

Additionally, our Technical Preventative Maintenance Team provides ongoing
reviews of all facets of your cleaning and sanitation program, including
conducting titrations, delivering proactive equipment maintenance,
inspecting charts and SDS, conducting surface swabs and producing
detailed action reports.

person writing on clipboard

Empowering your business

Tools to drive efficiency

At JayChem, we’re committed to empowering your business – and we do this
by giving you and your team the knowledge and tools you need to make
decisions and work safely and efficiently.

We provide all of our customers with executive-level reporting that contains
everything you need to know, including business improvement reporting,
statement of service, exception reports, DiFOT (orders delivered in full on time),
product usage data by site, unit level NPS scores and training for both
groups and individuals.

We also give all of our customers access to our innovative multilingual
e-learning hub – a destination where you and your staff can learn safety
practices, achieve certification and gain invaluable peace of mind.

phone laptop dashboard


Solutions for every part of
your business

As a proud division of Richard Jay – Australia’s leading supplier of laundry and
warewashing equipment – JayChem is able to offer customers a truly unique,
end-to-end solution.

Acting as one supplier for everything your business needs to thrive, the
benefits of an end-to-end solution are numerous and hugely valuable. The
cost-efficient, time-efficient convenience of having one supplier means
absolute outcome accountability, guaranteed compatibility of chemicals and
machinery, a streamlined, effective process, easy installation coordination
and swift and consistent outcomes.

sheets processed at laundromat