Safety in everything we do

Delivering solutions that guarantee peace-of-mind

Ensuring the health and safety of your customers is our priority.

We understand that safety is crucial to customer satisfaction, business success and – most
importantly – ongoing peace-of-mind. That’s why we work closely with all our customers to make
your business the very safest it can be, via a number of industry-leading safety measures.

  • Utilising innovative spill-proof product packaging
  • Placing QR codes on all products, giving easy access to safety data sheets
  • Supplying signage and material to ensure correct product handling and use
  • Providing innovative training solutions for your staff
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Making things clear for everyone

Utilising innovation to create safe workplaces.

Safe working processes happen by design, not chance. That’s why we’ve prioritised
producing product labels that focus on safety, with every label having a QR code that leads
instantly and directly to that product’s safety data sheet. This convenient touch means
anyone, anywhere can access all the safety information they need, when they need it –
resulting in total peace of mind for everyone.

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Ongoing and expert staff training

Ensuring everyone knows the safest way to work.

Training is one of the most effective ways of ensuring correct product use and practices, and
keeping your business safe and secure means keeping all staff members well-informed with
everything they need to know. That’s why the JayChem team works with you to give your staff
comprehensive training via our innovative e-learning hub – delivering information in a clear
and methodical format.

We know not all staff speak English as a first language, which is why our e-learning modules
are all designed to be multilingual. We also know it’s critical to make training convenient and
accessible to all staff, which is why our training modules are provided in an online
environment that can be accessed from any mobile device.

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