Corporate Social Responsibility

A responsibility to people and the planet

We believe in working ethically, giving back and treading lightly on our earth.

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Ethical sourcing

Fair practices as standard.

Our entire supply chain, and that of Richard Jay, is 100% committed to the
elimination of slavery as per the Modern Slavery Act of 2018. That’s why we
take steps to ensure fair work practices at every stage of the supply chain,
including pre vetting of all potential partners, working with people and
organisations who are aligned to our culture of supply chain fairness and
ongoing auditing to ensure alignment is maintained throughout our

We also source our products from local providers, who harness global
innovation to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. This
reduces our carbon footprint and ensures we offer employment
opportunities to local workers by supporting Australian manufacturing.

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Environmental responsibility

Treading gently, always.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we recognise the need to limit
the impact of the work we do on the world around us. That’s why we devised
and implemented robust internal and external processes in order to ensure
we both meet and surpass our legal and social responsibilities, with our
Environmental Policy acting as a guide not only to protecting the
environment, but also the health and wellbeing of our employees. We’re
guided by the principles of ISO 14001(Environmental Management), and have
regularly audited measures in place to ensure we always meet this standard.

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Workplace gender equality

All equal, all heard.

As a company owned by three sisters (daughters of the founder, Richard
Jay), our company proudly complies with the Gender Equality Act of 2021.
Gender equality and broader equal opportunities sit at the heart of our
organisation, with employment and advancement decisions entirely based
on merit, qualifications and abilities. We never discriminate in employment
opportunities or practices based on race, colour, religion, sex, nation of
origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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Giving back to the community

Improving life for others.

As well as ensuring our own company operates in a way that’s fair, ethical
and environmentally responsible, we’re also dedicated to giving back to
the community in a number of ways.

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As a founding sponsor of Orange Sky – a charity that offers a laundering service to people
experiencing homelessness – Richard Jay and our partners provide commercial grade
washing machines, dryers, laundry dispensing equipment and cleaning/sanitation chemicals
for a fleet of mobile laundry vans, as well as ongoing maintenance and spare parts right
across Australia and New Zealand.

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