COVID 19 statement

August 2021

As a trusted partner to businesses across Australia, including hospitals, emergency services and aged care facilities who rely on us to supply and maintain their cleaning and hygiene standards, we’re always acutely aware of our responsibility to get things right when it comes to dealing with the unexpected.

The unprecedented scale and rapid progression of the Coronavirus pandemic (in all its forms) has meant that we have strengthened and expanded our business continuity plans, reinforcing our ability to protect and support our team and customers throughout this period. We are therefore confident in both JayChem and Richard Jays Pty Ltd ability to continue to support our customers with products, service, equipment and framework which enables them to provide a safe and sanitary environment for their staff and customers.

Key precautions we’ve taken to protect everyone who works at or with JayChem:

  • Actively encourage our team to be Covid vaccinated with 100% of our JayChem team receiving at least their first dose
  • Established an ongoing audit process for the supply and use of all necessary Personal Protective Equipment for JayChem team members
  • Established strict procedures for entering customers facilities to ensure we protect both the customer and our team
  • Continue to issue hand sanitiser to all colleagues, including our field team
  • Advised suppliers and customers to postpone visits to our office and customers during times of lockdown or outbreaks
  • Enabled remote working capability for all staff
  • Stopped all non-essential travel – encouraging video conferencing
  • Postponed external candidate interviews in our offices
  • Taken steps to increase our product and parts supply to ensure best possible service delivery for our customers

We’ve also made sure that cover is in place for our own suppliers and set up an emergency servicing team that will allow us to switch to ‘critical response’ mode following an escalation in COVID 19’s status or a change in Government advice.

We hope this update offers a degree of reassurance, but please feel free to contact if you need our help in any way. We assure you we will do everything we can to provide you with the support that you have come to expect from us to keep your business up and running regardless of the challenges faced.