Creating clean and inviting environments for your guests

Helping you deliver the very best guest experience

Cleanliness is your customer’s number one priority.

At JayChem, we understand the importance of clean and sanitary environments in driving
return business. With first impressions so crucial to a customer’s overall satisfaction, it’s
essential your facility impresses from the start – because as well as bringing guests back to
you again and again, it also helps them decide whether or not to spend their money on your
in-house food and beverage facilities, rather than dining out.

End-to-end solutions for every hotel

We offer as little or as much support as you need.

Our uniquely flexible offering see us offer end-to-end services to a broad range of hotel customers.

  • Tailored cleaning and sanitation chemical programs for cleaner, safer, more
    efficient outcomes
  • Best-in-class laundry and dishwashing equipment
  • Preventative maintenance programs for peace of mind
  • 24/7 parts and emergency service, for when things go wrong
  • Dispensing technology to ensure your staff have safe access to the best in cleaning
    and sanitation

Whether you need the whole package or simply innovative chemical solutions, we work with
you to deliver the best possible outcome.

person checking into hotel

Safety above everything else

Your business never stops, and neither does our safety focus.

You’re providing your customers with a home away from home, and they need to feel safe and secure at all times. That’s why, at JayChem, we prioritise making your business as safety-focussed as possible – giving you the tools you need to achieve total peace of mind.

  • Online multilingual e-learning for all workers
  • Identification of ongoing safety improvements from your JayChem Business
    Improvement Team
  • Product QR codes with quick and easy access to safety data sheets
  • Safety wall charts and emergency procedures for your facility
phone laptop dashboard

Growing your revenue through customer loyalty

Clean, inviting environments drive return business.

Delivering world-leading cleaning solutions is integral to what we do here at JayChem.

  • Unsurpassed global innovation delivers outstanding results
  • A wide range of products caters to every cleaning need
  • Clear labelling and ongoing training means all products are used to their
    maximum effectiveness
person folding laundry