JayChem delivers a tailored laundry solution for Cairns locals

At JayChem, we are proud of our high-quality cleaning and sanitation solutions and the many client success stories in which we have played an important role.

Most recently, we delivered a tailored solution for GRC Laundry, a recently established laundry business based in Cairns.

The business was looking to optimise wash quality in order to extend the useful life of linen articles and build a positive reputation with customers.

Combining quality chemical solutions and equipment with technical know-how, the JayChem team created a tailored wash program to restore tired, discoloured sheets and towels to their original condition – bright, crisp and clean.

This transformation is a win – not only for the owners, who now have a competitive market advantage, but also for their customers.

Here’s what the team at GRC Laundry had to say about JayChem’s full-service offering:

“JayChem’s solutions and support have been instrumental in decreasing wash times, significantly increasing wash quality, reclaiming linen that would previously not come clean and decreasing our operational costs. Having dealt with larger companies in the past, JayChem’s commitment to customer service, attention to detail and holistic approach to our operation has been a breath of fresh air.”

If you’d like to see similar results in your laundry operation, the team at JayChem is ready to assist. Call us on 1300 529 243.