Transformative partnership forged with
Blueline Laundry

JayChem is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Blueline Laundry, a respected leader in the laundry industry.

Seeking greater value and attention to their specific business needs, Blueline embarked on a search for a partner who could not only meet those needs, but partner with them as they continue to grow into the future. After a rigorous evaluation process involving several global organisations, JayChem, an Australian owned and operated company, emerged as the preferred choice.

Reductions in water, energy and chemical consumption resulted in cost saving, enhanced environmental responsibility (a key focus), and improved laundry quality which in turn has seen increased positive feedback from Blueline customers. Visibility across all sites also improved via JayCloud, which delivers comprehensive reporting, productivity statistics, chemical consumption via proof of delivery and AS4146 validation.

Ian Elliott, JayChem’s General Manager stated,

“Blueline was impressed by our hands-on approach and personal involvement at all levels, ensuring that their ongoing business improvement objectives are achieved”.

Since establishing this partnership, Blueline has benefitted from a significant improvement in wash quality, resulting in a notable decrease in rewash rates. JayChem has actively engaged with Blueline’s staff, offering training, identifying business improvement opportunities, and reducing operational costs.

This collaboration exemplifies both Blueline and JayChem’s dedication to continuous improvement.

According to Michael Sylvester, CEO of Blueline Laundry,

“Blueline Laundry needed a more integrated and comprehensive approach to ensure the success and efficiency of our laundry operations. Having visibility into chemical usage was a crucial part of our strategy, and JayChem demonstrated that they had the best proposal, technology, and reporting platform available. Their fit-for-purpose approach instilled confidence that not only would our immediate cost management needs be met, but also provided a foundation for ongoing improvement”.

To explore the possibility of establishing a similar partnership for your business, please contact us on 1300 529 243.