JayChem strengthens customer support in Tasmania

JayChem, an Australian owned and operated company, has been making waves in the cleaning and sanitation industry, experiencing remarkable growth and expanding its presence into Tasmania.

The company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering focus on promoting clean linen, ensuring food safety, creating hygienic environments, and optimizing operational efficiency. This commitment has allowed JayChem to establish itself as a prominent player in the commercial laundry, healthcare, hospitality, and accommodation sectors.

Ian Elliott, the General Manager for JayChem stated,

“We have instilled a customer-centric approach throughout our company, ensuring that our business direction and achievements are driven by the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to our customer-centric philosophy, our strong relationship with our local distributor partner, Virtue Plus, has been instrumental in our growth and expansion. Their support and collaboration have enabled us to reach new heights and better serve our clientele.”

Over the past year, JayChem’s customer base in Tasmania has witnessed significant growth. To better serve these clients and ensure their needs are met, the company has introduced its branded service fleet to the Island State.

With this expansion, JayChem aims to solidify its dedication to customer service. The company’s on-site technical support and seamless connection with members of its Business Improvement Team, in conjunction with Virtue Plus’s expertise, will contribute to heightened customer satisfaction, further strengthening our position in the regional market.

Mr. Elliott emphasized that JayChem’s Tasmanian customers can expect comprehensive support, bolstered by the combined expertise and resources of the entire organization. This move represents JayChem’s commitment to fostering lasting partnerships and delivering premium solutions to its clientele.

As JayChem continues to revolutionize the cleaning and sanitation industry in Australia, its growth trajectory and customer-centric approach, lay a solid foundation for further success and expansion.

If you’d like to know more about JayChem and how our unique approach could improve your results, reduce your operational costs and provide insights that enable you to make more informed business decisions, call JayChem on 1300 529 243.