The key to your success lies in selecting the right partners

Choosing the right chemical company to partner with your business is a decision not to be taken lightly.

While global companies may seem appealing to some, they aren’t always equipped to offer the individual solution needed. Each laundry has its own distinct needs, challenges, and goals to consider, such as low-temperature washing, water & energy equipment or chemical and dispensing innovation.

Making the right choice can be a strategic move that allows you to benefit from a more personalised and focused approach, providing greater agility, and a stronger sense of partnership with your chemical provider.

Several factors should be considered when you select a partner:

Specialisation and Expertise – Few were born into the laundry industry, but many individuals have refined their skills through years of practical experience. Having specialised knowledge and expertise with machine setups, chemical dosing and process improvements can lead to more innovative and effective solutions for your unique requirements.

Customisation and Flexibility – Every commercial laundry has customers that are unique to them, and chemical providers that offer flexibility are better placed to meet your and your customers individual requirements. They tailor products and services to help you stay current and address your customers’ ever-changing needs, providing a more personalised approach that larger, global corporations may find challenging.


Tailored Customer Service – Local organisations, often free from the complex hierarchical and financial expectations that come with global or multi-national companies, often excel in offering hands-on, personalised service. By giving you direct access to decision-makers and experts, communication is streamlined and becomes more efficient, leading to swift responses and a better understanding of your customers’ needs. Local organisations tend to value and prioritise collaborative partnerships, investing the time to deeply understand your goals and challenges, ultimately fostering a relationship of trust, and the delivery of high-quality, tailored solutions.

Agility and Responsiveness – Listening to customer feedback and staying ahead of industry changes in local market conditions is critical to your business success. Ensuring your chemical partner can adapt quickly to feedback and be prepared for market shifts helps ensure your business keeps its competitive edge. With fewer bureaucratic hurdles, local businesses can cut through red tape and swiftly provide the products and services you need without delays, making it easier for your customers to navigate and access what they need which keeps your business moving forward.

Innovation and Creativity – In a competitive industry, innovation and creativity sets you apart. Local organisations are not anchored to a specific company direction or mantra, or what they believe or are told may be “proven technology”. Instead, they are free to select the best innovation from around the world, working closely with suppliers to deliver this innovation directly to you, so you can benefit from on-the-ground improvements. This enterprising spirit fosters a rapid innovation pipeline, leading to unique product offerings that can address emerging market demands.

Support for Local Economy – Choosing a local company has a positive impact on the local economy and contributes to job creation and community development. Overhead costs for local organisations are typically lower when compared to offshore corporations and as a result, they can offer competitive pricing for their products without sacrificing quality. Partnering with a local company can help improve your business bottom line and drive your competitive advantage.

Focus on Quality & Long-Term Relationships – Local organisations take considerable pride in their work and pay closer attention to product quality and the ongoing results. Each customer success story is crucial to their reputation and growth, motivating them to deliver high-quality products and services while building long-term relationships with you. They value loyalty and are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.

How can I support local business – Independent laundry operators often prioritise local supply chains and customer-focused outcomes. To maintain close connections with the community while still ensuring a premium service, they frequently seek independent (non-corporate) suppliers. For operators with multiple laundries, a unique way to support these independents could be to diversify the supply chain and allocate a portion of your business to a local Australian entity. This encourages a greater sense of responsibility among all suppliers, resulting in your business reaping maximum advantages.

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