Brightwater Linen’s game-changing partnership with JayChem

JayChem is thrilled to announce its highly successful collaboration with Brightwater Linen, a 200-tonne per week linen processing facility based in the northern Perth suburb of Malaga.

Brightwater Linen, a trusted name in the Accommodation, Mining, and Aged Care sectors, processes a staggering 1.4 million items of linen every month.

Brightwater Linen services a range of customers across Accommodation, Mining and Aged Care and were looking to partner with a chemical provider that aligned with their values, and JayChem was the perfect fit.

As a true industry disrupter, JayChem is renowned for its cutting-edge technology. The team seamlessly integrated their advanced chemical program into Brightwater Linen’s operation with zero production downtime and the results have been transformative.

After just one week, Brightwater Linen experienced:

  • Lower rewash
  • Wash temperature reduction
  • Improved whiteness and feel
  • Increased production efficiencies
  • Better outcomes for their customers

One of the standout achievements of this collaboration is that Brightwater Linen is now able to wash at lower-temperatures. This equates to substantial energy savings for the 800,000kg of linen processed each month. This environmentally conscious approach not only significantly reduces operational costs, but also aligns perfectly with both companies’ commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, this partnership has already delivered impressive enhancements in wash quality, including linen whiteness, appearance, and feel. These improvements ensure that only the finest linens reach Brightwater’s customers.

JayChem’s Business Improvement Team continues to work closely with Brightwater Linen to maximise the potential of this partnership. Their dedication to ongoing support ensures that Brightwater Linen can realise its goals and consistently provide its customers with the highest level of service possible.

To learn more about the exceptional services that JayChem provides and how they can help you achieve a Cleaner, Safer, More Efficient Way at your facility, call 1300 JAYCHEM (1300 529 243).