The role of a Technical Specialist

JayChem Technical Specialists play a critical role in helping laundries achieve high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Key responsibilities include a range of tasks designed to ensure the laundry process is flawless and linen is clean, crisp and hygienic:

Business improvement:
As a true business partner, your JayChem Technical Specialist is there to execute joint business improvement projects. From increasing output/quality, improving plant productivity or reducing total operational cost, your Technical Specialist is a resource focused on improving your business.

Chemical handling and management:
The Technical Specialist is responsible for overseeing the proper injection of chemicals into laundry machines. This involves meticulously setting chemical levels to reach the desired wash concentrations, conduct regular titrations (tests) to validate the chemical concentration during the wash, and ensuring that quality standards and disinfection levels are consistently met. Additionally, the Technical Specialist will ensure that chemical products are stored and handled correctly – increasing safety in the laundry workplace.

Troubleshooting and problem identification:
An important aspect of the role involves identifying any challenges that may impact the quality of the wash. The Technical Specialist will work together with Operation Managers and maintenance teams to resolve problems promptly – ensuring a seamless laundry operation.

Chemical dispenser maintenance:
The Technical Specialist is responsible for the maintenance of chemical dispensers, ensuring they operate flawlessly. Regular checks and maintenance routines are conducted to guarantee the accurate and efficient dispensing of chemicals throughout the laundering process.

Process validation:
To uphold the integrity of the laundering process, the Technical Specialist validates each step, ensuring that protocols are followed. This involves thorough checks and independent assessment to confirm that every element of the process adheres to established standards.

Reporting and communication:
The Technical Specialist compiles a customer report detailing the laundering processes and outcomes. This communication is vital for keeping stakeholders informed about ongoing operations and any necessary adjustments made to maintain quality and efficiency.

Safety and environmental impact:
Collaborating with laundry staff, the Technical Specialist works towards creating a safe working environment. Simultaneously, efforts are made to minimise or eliminate any adverse environmental impacts resulting from laundry operations.

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Author: Daniel Miranda