Stain today, gone tomorrow

When it comes to removing stains, the first thing to do is identify the stain to see if it’s a rust or iron stain.

This is done by using reagents that all Jaychem Technical Specialists have in their test kits – by adding 1-2 drops of 1N HCI and 1 drop of Iron Stain Indicator, a red colour indicates the presence of Iron (this also works on blood stains).

Jaychem Technical Specialists provide staff training and work with the laundry team to help identify stains and sort them into the correct rewash trolleys. This gives the best outcome for the customer and helps reduce circle work (linen going around and around) within the laundry – over-washing and rewash is very costly and can be reduced if sorted correctly to begin with.

Once the rust/iron stains have been identified and correctly sorted, the next process is an Oxalic Acid wash. This is best done in a commercial washer extractor with Oxalic Acid powder added manually, on a hot wash for around 20 minutes 80°-85° followed by a warm rinse to help eliminate thermal shock on the fabric, followed with several rinses and a final high speed extract.

It’s best to use Oxalic Acid powder in lieu of Oxalic Acid liquid – Oxalic Acid is organic and is prone to microbiological contamination if used in liquid form via bulk tanks. When using Oxalic Acid powder, ensure all correct PPE is worn.